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In the 13+ years of knowing Rose I can say she is one of the hardest yet smartest, dedicated, goal driven, positive, fun loving, successful power house people I have ever had the pleasure to meet!

I have hired her on occasions when our young home bred horses needed to be started after their 4th birthday and prior to sale. Some Rose had been involved in selling and matching up with wonderful buyers.

She is extremely knowledgeable in a vast array of training techniques & styles, able to adapt to train horses, children and adults like AND compete herself to Champion levels in pretty much every discipline.

Despite some of the most heart wrenching tragedies I have witnessed her having to deal with – she has overcome all of them in flying colours! I highly recommend Rose!

Monica Grundmann

Silhouette Stables

I arrived at Rosemarie’s barn with few expectations, except for decent horse care. Not only does she offer great horse care, she has created an enviable barn culture. Everyone is helpful. Rose’s coaching is great! As soon as I feel like I ride well, she’s there to help me figure out where I’m failing. My riding has DEVELOPED under her guidance. She never goes too far. She works with me where I live. If you want a good experience that leads to better riding, look to Rosemarie. 100% recommend.

Rose was instrumental in my introduction to horses. In the 10 plus years that I have known her my family and I have acquired upwards of 8 horses from her and everyone a joy to own. She is a true professional in every respect and knows how to teach people how to handle horse confidently and safely from younger individuals to a senior like me and I continue to learn – thanks Rose!
Sammy Cantafio (Age 71)

Saint-Lazare, QC

Rose has incredible horsemanship skills. Her 2 month training program was worth every penny! She helped me have a better understanding of my horse’s needs and his behavior.

After being reared and bucked off twice of my 2 and a half year old colt someone recommended me Rose’s training program. This was the best decision I ever made. I felt like I was in over my head trying to train my colt to become my future barrel horse. I’ve been a barrel racer almost all my life and I always had a open horse who knew the basics but this, I was out of my dept here with this new challenge.

She worked her magic on him, she works with YOU AND YOUR HORSE to become a better team. Her training program is more than just riding. He has learned to tack without moving or flinching, accepts his bit, became calm and patient (just like an old horse!). And the ground work, amazing!

She helped me regain my confidence and work through my fears. Her training and coaching abilities are unbelievable. She pushes you just enough and in the right way to overcome those doubts or anxiety (whatever you might be feeling) with your horse.

I love her honesty, her sense of humor and the way she treats people. You are a client of hers but she treats you as a friend and does not judge you whatsoever. She was flexible with her time and understood the juggle with being a mom and finding time to participate in your horse’s training. There should be more Rosemarie’s in this world.

If you look at it in the long run, the money invested in a good training will set you and your horse to live many success’s We’re just at the beginning of my horse’s training and I will definitely continue with Rose’s coaching.

This review about our experience with Rose may go back several years, but the impactful outcome stays with me to this day. We always enjoyed our horses at home, but when it came time to sell one of our cherished horses we reached out to Rose. When you consider that horses have the possibility to live a thirty year lifespan, the responsibility to set them up for longevity is huge. Rose’s training of our horse, and the guidance she gave us along the way, as we prepared to sell him, was invaluable. She provided our horse with a solid foundation, for the new owner to build on. Hence, he was sold after the three months of training to an amazing family who flew across the country to meet him. The skills and disciplines that were built on Rose’s foundational training, include English and Jumping, Driving, Parades, Western Cattle drives, and he is a Registered Therapy horse. He is a huge favourite wherever he goes I am told. I still to this day, receive emails and photos about our wonderful Canadian “Dragon”. Thanks to Rose, he has this wonderful life and future.
Deborah Wilson

Freelance Photographer

Rose’s vast knowledge of anything horse related is very impressive. She rides/coaches in a multitude of disciplines be it English or western, always inspires confidence and is always very encouraging. The horses at RLH are very well taken care of and to top it off, the atmosphere at the barn is very friendly. Overall, she is a wonderful person, running a wonderful barn/training center.
Andrée Parent

I have known Rose since 2008 when I first sent a young horse to her for training. Not only did Rose bring that young filly from unbacked to show-level quality, she also showed her in several disciplines and was always in the ribbons. I have bought horses through Rose; I have sold horses through Rose; always in a professional and very considerate manner. I have taken lessons with Rose both at her own facilities and at my own farm and have never failed to come away from a lesson feeling good about myself and my horse. Rose is one of the most considerate and empathetic persons that I know and an all-round great horsewoman.
Susan Latreille

I have had the pleasure of know Rose for many years, watch her grow from a young adult to a very kind adult, in that time her level of train has matured with her. Unfortunately I can’t take lesson on a regular basis but when I do I walk away knowing much more then going in. I missed having a clinic this year only because of Covid restrictions but they have been a highlight of each riding season for a few years, always fun and educational, straight forward and kind to you and your horse, and if she decides to feed you that’s an extra bonus.

Rose is alway there for you, just last week while I was having one of my worst horse days she answered every call and was the cool calm person I need while dealing with colic and euthanasia. I know she would have been by my side if she could have.

Debbie Wightman

Rosemarie is a gal to get it done, whether a clinic, or just help, she is your girl.

Working with Rose has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, it’s not hard to tell she really does care about her students and wants to see them do well in whatever discipline they do. After even just the first two lessons it was easy to see a difference in not only me but my horse as well!

I was very happy to be part of a Rosemarie Huxted’s extreme cowboy clinic in July 2020. I really wasn’t sure what my mare could do, but Rosemarie gave me great tools! She’s very patient… and when she rode my mare…well…it was a beautiful collected canter! I had no idea Van could do this! I left very happy and would do it again!
Line Lauzon

Hudson, QC

I have known Rosemarie since the fall of 2017 when I took my first clinic with her. I took a very anxious, unfocused, new to me mare (Jasmine) that I had rescued to this clinic. Rose taught me calming exercises and techniques using groundwork and saddle work. This clinic helped give both Jasmine and I more confidence and a great restart for this mare. Rosemarie is a very talented coach and trainer. Further, she is a great role model for her many students as she leads by example! I highly recommend her regardless of your riding ability! She will only make you or your child a stronger equestrian! Rosemarie….There is so much more I could say! We so appreciate what you did for us after the accident. I really wanted to write about that too as it is such an affirmation of your beauty and compassion as a person! A true friend in addition to a great mentor. I am so looking forward to you working with Al and Jasmine.

I would recommend Rosemarie Huxted highly. She helped me evaluate a horse I was considering purchasing in late 2017. I’m in Alberta and the horse was in Quebec. After I spoke with the owner, I hired Rose to go try him out (under saddle and in harness) and report back to me. Her feedback was honest and clear, and once I got the horse, very accurate! Not only did she help me with the purchase, she helped with transport arrangements, even boarding him at her stable for a few days before sending him west. Thanks, Rose!

I don’t know where to start…Rose has come into our lives just over 3 years ago. She has been an inspiration to our daughter Ainsley. Rose started out teaching Ainsley some basic lessons (where she then found her passion for western riding) and gradually progressed to being her coach for Extreme Cowboy Competitions (which Ainsley just loves). Rose has been her mentor in guiding and teacher her about horse care and training. Rose has also helped our daughter find a few amazing horses as well as breeding our mare and giving our daughter a beautiful foal who she is helping to train. We have also boarded horses with Rose and she has always given them the utmost of care and attention. But the most important thing that Rose has done is to have given our daughter a purpose and passion in life…Horses!

Sadly after a bad fall a few years back, I approached Rose for some help. I needed someone with enough experience to train my horse to be quiet and then sell him. I was afraid at the time and Rose really helped me through it. I rode another horse to get my confidence back and after a few months of training my horse was sold to his new family. I have since starting riding western on another horse of mine and have started learning a new discipline, extreme cowboy racing, which I really enjoy. Thanks Rose for all that you’ve done!

Rosemarie invited Wendy Maccourbey to give a Saddle Up clinic at RLH stables, and I was so happy to attend! It was a well-organized, extremely informative and fun day. Rosemarie had lots of saddles there, and five horses of different conformations, so we got a very broad and interactive experience. I learned more in a day than I had in years of working with horses. I can hardly wait until the next one!

Rose Huxted matched my horse Missy and I up. We are an amazing match. She understood our personalities and helped us, through coaching, make a team.

This incredible young woman started riding with Rosemarie in 2019. Her first year of competition in extreme cowboy and her horse’s first year in extreme cowboy. Together they learned, from the ground up. They learned to be a team and they learned to listen and respect one another. Rose recently sent me this photo and said, “This is my favourite photo of Wyn.” My response was, “Mine too.” This photo is her and the award she won from the ACEQ. This award which was a club member nomination; this award is for Horsemanship. What an honour. I think the fact that Rose sent this photo with her words speaks for the type of coach she is, the belief and pride she takes in her students, the knowledge she shares, inspires and drives. The barn home that she creates is one full of love not just for the sport and discipline of choice but of the people.
J.P Nikitin

Rose has been my coach since before I can remember and I wouldn’t want anyone else! She has created many opportunities for me such as riding a variety of incredible horses and helping to make my dreams come true by finding me the perfect horse and coaching me to achieve my crazy goals. I’ve learned not only how to be a better rider but also how to be a better and stronger person. RLH equestrian has given me a second family and a happy place!

I have taken several lessons and coaching sessions from Rosemarie. I am not always the most attentive student however, Rosemarie’s patience and sense of humor kept me focused and interested. She helped me improve my riding abilities. I am looking forward to more fun learning once Covid restrictions are lifted.

I visit many a barn checking saddles and horses and I have to say I was so impressed at the quality of saddle fit and awareness I found on all the horses at RLH. A a big bonus for me was they continue to work towards the best fit! Education and hands on learning are number one at this facility! Being capable to do impression pad tests and drawings and measurements allows me to offer a quality service, and it certainly was a pleasure to work with clients who were willing to learn and adjust for the comfort of they’re equine partners.
Wendy MacCoubrey

Saddle Up