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At RLH Equestrian we offer both indoor and outdoor board options with full use of all amenities. See the Facility page for details and photos.

Board Fees:

  • Please Contact us regarding the three boarding packages offered.
  • 20 fully matted box stalls, 8 of which are 12×10 and 12 are 10×10.
  • Large, individual tack lockers in heated tackroom.
  • Washing facilities for blankets and tack, including washer/dryer.
  • Blanket repair services.
  • Turn out is customized to each individual horse’s needs. We have limited/full turnout, separate pens and group options available. There are also large summer pastures with trees for shelter where the horses are out in small herds for the best natural care.
  • Most horses are on free-choice hay unless requested otherwise. Our hay is made on-site so care and quality are well managed to the benefit of our horses and yours.
  • Quality Purina feeds are what we prefer, however, if something specific is requested, this can be discussed.
  • Vet and Farrier options are to the owner’s preference and scheduling can be arranged with the barn manager.
  • Seasonal blanketing, boots, flymasks or any special care can be discussed on an individual basis.
Services - RLH Boarding
Services - Training and Lessons - Rose and Linda

Coaching & Training

We have two coaches here at RLH Equestrian, with Rose being the main coach, and Linda her mom being the second coach. Rose specializes in both disciplines, English and Western and takes on the show team duties. Linda’s focus is the beginner level rider with a strong focus on horsemanship and safety in a western comfort! Both are current with CPR, and NCCP level 1 coaching theory. The many successes of the show pen are proven with the several buckles, trophies, saddle and top place finishes accomplished by Rose and her whole show team at RLH Equestrian.

Training packages are customized to each individual horse’s needs and include horses being worked 5-6 days per week. Our training option is a flat monthly rate and then you select the boarding package (indoor or outdoor) to compliment the best care for your horse while in training.

Lesson & Training Rates:
Private Lesson – $75./each
Group Lesson (4-5 Riders) – $30./each
Full Training – $850./month

(Note: Training fees are subject to change. Contact us to confirm pricing.)

Show Team & Competitions

We have two competitive teams here at RLH, one being English with a focus on Jumper and Cross Country, and the second team is Western with a strong focus in Extreme Cowboy Racing. With Rose’s vast background and experience in many disciplines and successful competition in barrel racing, reining, western pleasure, showmanship, trail, as well as some exposure to cattle disciplines, we are sure to be able to offer a good experience in the Western world of riding. Rose has also successfully competed locally and abroad in both English and Western, with ribbons in the Jumper ring in Ocala, and a finishing in 20th place at the Worlds in Texas, in Extreme Cowboy Racing.

Leasing & Sales

If you are interested in leasing a horse, whether it is because you would like to compete or you just want to focus on a steady partnership with one of our horses, feel free to talk to Rose to discuss available options. Also, see the Our Horses page for a brief bio of each of our horses.

We also usually have a horse or two available for sale or will be as we continue to rebuild our breeding program of future equines. Our breeding program’s main focus is that of the well-rounded Western horse as well as the odd warmblood cross, thus allowing us to offer a nice scopey Jumper style with the brains and cool trainability of the American Quarter Horse.

Services - Leasing


We have two horse trailers available to meet transportation needs and we also offer emergency hauls to clinics. Please contact us for a quote.

Services - RLH Trailering
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